Sun Fire Servers - System Controller Firmware

In addition to the Solaris patches required for the DST changes, midrange servers also require firmware patches to correct the system  controller. Failure to install these patches may result in the incorrect time on the system controller.

Also, on platforms where the server's operating system receives the time from the system controller, the server's time could be affected. This could lead to transactions with the incorrect date stamp and possible application failures.  Without the firmware patches installed, the clock will maintain the old rules for time change, and will be incorrect.

This issue can occur on the following platforms:

* Sun Fire E6900/E4900/E2900/6800/4800/4810/3800/v1280 and Netra 1280

Patches available:

* Firmware version 5.18.6 (as delivered in patch 114525-07)

* Firmware version 5.19.6 (as delivered in patch 114526-07)

* Firmware version 5.20.0 (as delivered in patch 114527-01)

The system controller must be rebooted after January 1, 2007 for the new date changes to be loaded, otherwise the old time change dates will be used.